“NewBo festival debuts ‘American Gothic’ public art projects” in Hoopla

“NewBo festival debuts ‘American Gothic’ public art projects” in Hoopla

September 10, 2015 | News | No Comments

Cedar Rapid’s entertainment magazine, Hoopla, highlighted the CR Overalls project online on September 8, 2015:

  • Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” pitchfork pair is instantly recognizable, but by the time regional artists put their imaginations to life-size fiberglass recreations this winter, the dour duo could be transformed into superheroes.

They also included some feedback from our event organizers:

  • “We already have a ton of ideas for next year,” said Kristie Wetjen, executive director at NewBo City Market and one of the art festival organizers. “Because of the Grant Wood theme, we have a lot of ideas that are tying into that.”

    Jennifer Pickar, director of communications for the Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, said reviving the Overalls project after 15 years is “a fun way” to mark the artist’s birthday anniversary. And bringing the first statue to the festival will help generate excitement.

    “If you can show the artist actually working on it, it’s much more interesting than just all of a sudden, they show up done,” she said.

You can read the full article and see more images at Hoopla’s website.

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