Statue Name: Bounty

Sponsor: The MedQuarter Regional Medical District

Artist: Todd Sabin

Location: Off Display for Repair, will return soon to various locations inThe MedQuarter Regional Medical District

Grant Wood was known to use found materials in some of his works including Lillies of the Alley. Bounty was created in that spirit using many recovered materials. Here is a statement from the artist about the creation of the statue. “I used stone and wood I recovered over the years. Carnegie Library CRMA stone, Montrose Hotel marble, Stone City limestone, wood from 5 Turner Alley, Ideal Theater, Kurik House, Cook’s Pond, Mytak Bldg, Suchy Bldg, and a few others. His coat is covered with original and reproductions of a series of drawings GW did for David Turner that appeared in The CR Republican newspaper from 1925-27. The back of the statue is fiberglass low relief combining Wood’s 1938-9 paintings Tame Flowers, Wild Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables. It’s painted in muted pastels to mimic Currier and Ives prints.”

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