The Lion Goes to the Theater Tonight

Statue Name: The Lion Goes to the Theater Tonight

Sponsor: Brucemore

Artists: Ivy Hinrichs

Location: Off Display

Irene Douglas, the Douglas family’s primary patron of the arts, had the financial resources as well as access to purchase art from all over the country — instead, her art collection reflects her support of local artists and friends. As evidenced by entries in her journals, Irene worked and socialized with Grant Wood during his career prior to painting the iconic American Gothic in 1930.

In 1925, Irene hired him to decorate her daughter’s sleeping porch. An entry in the family check register indicates she paid Wood $182 for this work. Decorated in a plaster relief depicting curving vines, flowers, birds, and animals, the Grant Wood Porch offers a unique opportunity to see the artist’s versatility and skill. Visit Brucemore to view the porch and learn more about the Douglas family connection to Grant Wood.

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