Urban America

Statue Name: Urban America

Sponsor: Susan Stamats

Artists: Dosed_Creations

Location: Stamats (Inside during winter, outside during summer), 615 5th St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401


A late release (July 22) to the Overalls All Over project. The artist, Dosed_Creations, was inspired by the Grant Wood piece Overmantel Decoration part of the permanent collection at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. This painting was commissioned by the Stamats family and family members are portrayed in the painting. On the Urban America statue the flowers on the woman’s skirt are a nod to the flowers in the painting, the dots and drips on the man’s legs are reflecting the trees in the painting and the tiny baby pram on the front pocket is Peter O. Stamats as an infant. All techniques used are street style including aerosol spray, chrome, NY fat dots, drippy ink, krink and molotow.

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